Widdifield Farm Racetrack

Oakley, Kansas


The outline of the one-mile dirt oval Widdifield Farm racetrack is barely visible in the 1991 aerial photograph above.  The bottom point of the light-colored triangle at the top of this photograph points down to a curve of the racetrack which is in the field just across the road south of that triangle.  That curve is at the northern most point on the racetrack.  The straight-aways of the racetrack run southeast across the field to the southern curve of this elongated oval.  The racing surface was almost flat with only about three feet of banking in the corners.

This paperclip-shaped racetrack was built in the Fall of 1926 on the Widdifield Farm one mile north of Oakley, KS.  Three race meets were held on this racetrack before it was abandoned after the races run there on December 5, 1926.

Below is another aerial photograph showing just the racetrack  - U.S. Geological Survey photos





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