William A. “Bill” Horstmeyer

1930 - 1964


Bill Horstmeyer of Madison, Wisconsin in the black #99 in 1961.  The car was owned by Harry Whitehorse also of Madison – Larry Sullivan photo from the Bill Green collection


“The photo of Horstmeyer sitting in the black 99 (above) was at the Minnesota State Fair.  We made real good money there.  He did real good.  I know that was the Minnesota Fair because the flowers in the background is where we put our spare tires and fuel.  He did so good at the Minnesota Fair that he got an offer to drive the Johnson Offy #5.  He did real good in that.  He won a lot of races and that was one of the reasons I traded the car to my brother for the midget because I didn't have a driver.”

- - - Harry Whitehorse



Bill Horstmeyer at Shawano Speedway at the Shawano County Fairgrounds at Shawano, Wisconsin in the same car that is in the other pictures on this web page but with a new pearlescent white and two-tone gold number paint scheme.  Owen Snyder, Jr. owned the car when this photo was taken – Larry Sullivan photo from the Bill Green collection




LEFT:  Bill Horstmeyer in the “Chief Automotive Special” sprint car in the late 1950s sitting on the infield at Angell Park Speedway at Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  Then owner Harry Whitehorse had just installed a 261 CID six-cylinder Chevrolet engine in the car but it proved to slow to be competitive – Bob Clements collection




RIGHT:  The “Chief Automotive Special” sprint car owned by Harry Whitehorse and usually driven by Bill Horstmeyer – Greg Whitehorse collection







Bill Horstmeyer in the Harry Whiteshorse owned “Chief Automotive Special” six-cylinder Chevy #98 in 1959 – Larry Sullivan photo from the Bill Green collection




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