Richard L. "Dick" German

1938 - 2007


          This 1933 Chevrolet stock car was co-owned by Dick German and Tom Barclay, both of Arlington, Kansas.  This photo was taken just before the car was permanently dismantled:


          "The transmission had already been removed.  (Note the acute angle of the engine.)  The engine (with aluminum timing gear, insert rods and .125 off the head) went into a '46 Chevy half-ton (pickup) I was driving.  The front axle went under a trailer.  The balance, (a) 1933 Chevy passenger (car) frame, half-ton pickup rear end, 3-inch boiler flue roll bars, Chevrolet centers in 15-inch Buick wheels reversed, was cut up and hauled to Midwest Iron in Hutchinson (Kansas).  The body (a 1933 Chevrolet 2-door sedan) was not worth the gas to cut it up so it was dumped in a tree row to be resurrected thirty years later.

          The Reno County Young Democrats had agreed to pay $25 for the advertising, later reneging on the deal."

~ ~ ~ Tom Barclay




Photograph from the Tom Barclay collection




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