Phineas Comador "Dad" Harrier
1878 - 1938




This photograph was taken at Norton, Kansas after "Dad" set a new track record there in 1926.  Notice the water wagon and its tow vehicle that are visible in the background above.  Part of a number "8" race car can also been seen behind "Dad" at left in this photograph.  That is believed to have been a Frontenac that was driven by Al Koepke of Topeka, Kansas – David Harrier collection





"Dad" Harrier






"Dad" Harrier of Hiawatha, Kansas in his Frontenac right after a race in 1926 – David Harrier collection


This is one of "Dad" Harrier’s earlier cars.  Note the #8 car in the background as well – Jeff Adams collection


Behind "Dad" Harrier’s home at Topeka, Kansas in 1930 – Mike Cline collection


"Dad" Harrier in his #52 bobtail at Carthage, Missouri on August 8, 1930.  He won a race that day while finishing on only three wheels.  Note that the car number was also his real age at the time although press reports of the day gave his age as 67 - Mike Cline collection




"Dad" Harrier was a regular entrant in the auto races at Winfield, Kansas from 1927 until his retirement from racing following a near fatal crash at Anthony, Kansas in 1931.  He eventually succumbed to those injuries and is buried in the Netawaka Cemetery at Netawaka, Kansas. 

Bob Lawrence photo




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