Labor Day Weekend

September 1 - 3, 1931

Ord, Nebraska




Vic Felt collection




Russell D. Hill collection




Russell D. Hill collection



            34 cars and drivers entered the 3-day racing program at Ord, Nebraska over Labor Day weekend (September 1-3,) 1931.  Although they may appear to all be different distances of the same photograph, all of the photos on this web page are different and they were taken within minutes of each other in front of the grandstands on what is believed to have been the final day of the meet.  There is no telling how many photos were taken of this scene but there is at least one more photo known to have been taken of at least the right side of this group of cars that I do not have a copy of yet.  The locations of the various cars in the group given below, are based on the top photo although, once a particular car is located, it might be easier to view it in one of the other photographs on this page.

Those who have currently been identified are, from left to right and front to back:


#4 Willard Prentiss.

#67 Lloyd Axel in a car owned by Vic Felt.

#42 Major Cline.

In the middle row, lined up behind #67 Lloyd Axel is #15 John Gerber.

On the back row, lined up behind #15 John Gerber is #2 Fred Dresselhuys.

On the back row, lined up to Fred Dresselhuys’ left is #4 Bert Ficken in John Bagley’s Cragar.

Sitting sideways in front of #42 Major Cline is #5 Clyde Gilbert.

Behind Clyde Gilbert is #200 Maynard Clark.

Lined up behind #200 Maynard Clark and to Major Cline’s left is #75 driven that day by either Howard Wills or A. Saprineo.

Front row, second car from the right is #41 Phil Cline.  Note that he is wearing coveralls with no shirt!

Middle row at far right is Leonard Kerbs’ #K1 driven that day by either Sam Hoffman or Pat Cunningham.

Middle row, third car from right is #A100 which is the Montgomery Clemons that was probably being driven on this day by Red Campbell.

The tall man standing in the center of the line in front of the grandstand is race superintendent Clyde Baker.




Mike Cline collection



If you can identify any of the other cars or people in any of these photographs, or if you have a copy of another photograph taken of this group of cars, please contact Bob Lawrence at: sprintguy @





Jeff Adams, Carolyn Felt Junod, Bob Mays, Don Radbruch, and Ray Valasek