Stock Car Races

Grant County Fairgrounds

Ulysses, Kansas


Grant County Fair

Saturday Afternoon – August 23, 1952


Sponsor – Charles B. Hart American Legion Post 379

Races Sanctioned by – Grant County Stock Car Club 

Race Director – Eddie Klester of Ulysses, Kansas


Attendance – “A capacity crowd” 

Admission – Adults: 75¢;  Children:  25¢ 



            The information above is all that is currently known about the races at Ulysses on this date.  The photos below are from the Talbert family collection and were taken at Ulysses about that time.  Jennie Talbert took these photos from quite some distance away and they have been blown up here which is why they appear to be so blurry.  If you know anything more about these races or about the drivers and cars that participated in them, please contact Bob Lawrence.




The white #13 at right may have been owned by Jim Pinkerton.  Note that only a single cable attached to railroad ties and a little distance are all that separated the spectators from the racing surface.  Click your mouse on the photo to see another photo of spectators lined up along that single cable intently watching the races.




The car in front appears to be a #25.  The car to the inside of that one is #94 driven by Hugh Turner of Elkhart, Kansas.  The next car back is a #77.  The next car back (the first white car) is unidentified although it can also be seen in the next photo below.  The car running last in this photo is either the #29 driven by Chuck Arnold of Ulysses or the #39 driven by Jim Pinkerton.  Cars #29 and #39 were painted just alike with only the numbers and some other lettering being the only visible differences.




The second car from right appears to be a #7 car.  The second white car from the right can also be seen in the photo above.  The car behind it is either the #29 driven by Chuck Arnold or the #39 driven by Jim Pinkerton as those to cars were painted alike.




The car at right is the #33 driven by Joe Langley of Elkhart, Kansas.  The coupe behind his has “xx” painted on the door.  The car behind that is a #4.  Jennie Talbert took this photo while seated in a car in the spectator area and the hood of the car next to hers takes up much of the left side of this photo.




The second car from right is the #94 that was driven by Hugh Turner of Elkhart, Kansas.  The #40 in back of Turner’s car was driven by Scott Talbert, Sr. who was also from Elkhart.




The coupe on the racetrack has a #32 painted on the door.





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