Summer - 1933


Russell J. Moore of Arkansas City, Kansas on his 1929 Indian Scout 45 lined up in the outside starting position for the start of the final race of the day of the Oklahoma – Kansas championship races at the Cowley County Fairgrounds in Winfield, Kansas in the summer of 1933 - Russell J. Moore collection



Arkansas City Traveler

Summer - 1933

        Lonnie Rose and Russell Moore, motorcycle riders from Arkansas City who were entered in the Oklahoma – Kansas championships at Winfield Tuesday, suffered scratches about the head and body bruises in two minor accidents.  Rose crashed through a fence during a race and Moore’s machine did a “flip-flop” on the track.  Neither is seriously injured.  (Webmaster’s note:  Moore also suffered two sprained ankles in this accident on the northwest turn causing him to miss two weeks work.)



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Russell John Moore

1912 - 2006

Lonnie Lee Rose

1906 - 1935





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