Abe Scruggs in August Brunke's Nelson Special

     The Nelson Special, shown here in front of the Superior Garage in Winfield, Kansas was powered by one-half of a 719 cu. in. V-8 Hispano-Suiza (Hisso) aircraft engine.  Driver Abe Deering Scruggs (1900-1962) who raced the car at Winfield, Kansas on July 28, 1928, also worked for car owner August Brunke at A. Brunke & Sons Wrecking Co., of Excelsior Springs, Missouri.  The second car, just visible in the background, was also a Hisso which had been purchased by Wendell A. Sparling from the estate of Louis "Lou" Scheibell (c1889-1926) after Scheibell was killed in a racing accident at Hawkeye Downs, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  That car later became known as the Superior Special.



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Abe Scruggs