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ABOVE:  Ray Clark of Pittsburg, Kansas with the 1932 Plymouth coupe #19 stock car owned by Jack Jones and his brother, Gail Jones, both of Coffeyville, Kansas.  The engine was built by John Greenleaf who was also from CoffeyvilleClark raced this car very successfully at Winfield, Kansas several times from 1955 through 1957.  He often drove with just his right hand on the steering wheel and his left hand hanging onto the "drip rail" above the window.  Legend says he had a device there to advance and retard the ignition.  Whether such a device was there or not, the practice of hanging onto the "drip rail" infuriated drivers that did not race with him regularly (such as at Winfield) as they felt he was insulting them by indicating it was so easy to beat them that he could do it while driving with just one hand.

BELOW:  Pat Waltershide at left with Gail Jones photos from the Edna Greenleaf collection


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