This handbill is advertising the auto races that were run during the county fair at the Cowley County Fairgrounds, Winfield, Kansas on Tuesday, October 9, 1928 and again on Saturday, October 13, 1928.  Note the explanation given for each flag.  Also note that the original owner of this handbill has written in the name Taylor just below that of Andrew Fuller.  Fuller drove the #4 Chevrolet in the Tuesday races but Joe Taylor of Arkansas City, Kansas took over driving duties in this car for the Saturday races.  The original owner of this handbill also wrote down the car numbers, finishing order, and race times on the back of this flyer.  Also note that the car listed as the #34 Superior Special driven by W. A. Sparling was actually a typographical error on the handbill as the car was actually #43 Russell J. Moore collection