Francis Schulze

1925 - 1951


This photograph was taken at a Kansas Antique Racers car show at Elmwood Park in Norton, Kansas.

The #8 sprint car at left was built in 1952 by Bob Brown of Norton and was raced competitively for around 20 years.  It is powered by a six-cyllinder Nash engine with two spark plugs per cylinder.

The #81 rear-engine car at right was powered by a Mercury flathead V8 eingine and was built in 1951 by Francis Schulze of Norton.  Schulze flipped this car on the back stretch of a racetrack at Wayne, Nebraska on September 16, 1951 and died two days later from his injuries.

These cars have been restored by Jerry Bantam and Don McMullen of Norton.  Pictured with the cars are, left to right:  Dale Carlson, Jerry Bantam, Don McMullen, Bob Brown, and Randy Bantam Jerry Bantam collection