Jalopy Races

Sportsman Park - Oakley, Kansas

Sunday Afternoon – August 21, 1960





Oakley Graphic

Thursday – August 18, 1960 – Front Page:

IT’S  4-H  FAIR  TIME . . . Jalopy Races

Jaycees have put up good hard cash to get a good field of entries for Jalopy races at 2 p.m., Sunday at Sportsman Park.  There’s a $500 purse.

In addition to the anticipated good field from Western Kansas, Eastern Colorado and as far away as Wichita, two local jalopies are also expected.

That includes one being fashioned by 12 stockholders at Oakley Motors.  Its driver will be Dennis Scheetz.  The other jalopy, which has been entered by Harry Schwarz and will probably be driven by Paul Garrett.

Webmaster’s Note:  Harry Schwarz’s car was a “rail” rather than a jalopy as was stated by the newspaper.




Oakley Graphic

Thursday – September 1, 1960 – Front Page:


STOCKHOLDERS and assembly crew gather around driver Dennis Scheetz at fair jalopy races (August 21, 1960).  Scheetz, after getting over earlier nervousness before the home crowd.  At one time his leg was shaking so bad he couldnt press on the foot speed, won a second in one final.  Shown, from left, Maynard White, Marvin Sander, Everett Bedrang (obscured), Scheetz, Johnny Geist, James Robben and Martin Selley.  Other stockholders or assembly men included Donald Kisler, Gary Fulton, Merwin Sondburg, Richard Scheetz and others.

Webmaster’s Note: It is difficult to tell in this newspaper photo but the car sported a red paint job.





Oakley Graphic

Thursday – September 1, 1960 – Front Page:


LOCAL TALENT in fair-time jalopy races, and probably to be seen in action here at future races, included Paul Garrett, driver and Harry Schwarz, pitman, who joined in assembling this “rail” job.  Garrett drove to a second in (the) fast heat after coming back from racer repair job when smacked in earlier race.

Webmaster’s Note:  This rail became known to the Oakley race fans as the “Ruptured Duck” and may have been previously owned by George Parsons of Collyer, Kansas.  Parsons was flagman at the WaKeeney Speedway in the early 1960s.  He probably built and raced the car in the late 1950s.



Gene Coffman’s ticket to get into these races

Coffman collection




This photo shows car owner Bob Lorenz of WaKeeney, Kansas seated in the car.  It was taken this day at Oakley before the crowd started arriving for the afternoon races.  The man kneeling by the front wheel has not been identified.  Gene Coffman of Liberal, Kansas drove this car for Lorenz in the races finishing third in his heat race, first in the trophy dash, and third in the feature.  Besides the trophy, they also collected $26 from the day’s total purse of $500.  Lorenz and Coffman split that with $15 going to Coffman and $11 going to Lorenz – Coffman collection

Click your mouse on the photo to see a photo of Bob Lorenz standing beside this car – Buchholz collection




 Webmaster’s Note:  Clarence “Nut” Cokeley of Liberal, Kansas participated in these races too winning a total of $72 in prize money.





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