This photo of Arlo Lyle “Al” Waters in the Golden Oldfield Special was taken at St. Paul, Minnesota in 1923.  Waters set three track records in this car at Hutchinson, Kansas that stood for years:


  2 laps – 1:05.2 on September 15, 1924 – Waters actually tied this record that had been set a year earlier by James Speer.  This track record was not tied again and stood for another 13 years.


10 laps – 5:25.2 on September 15, 1924 – This track record stood for 8 years.


15 laps – 8:47.4 on September 19, 1924 – This track record stood for 9 years.


The last driver known to have raced this car was Harry Nichols.


          Arlo Lyle “Al” Waters (1893-1925) was fatally injured in a racing accident in Detroit, Michigan.




Photograph from the Jeff Adams collection