National Jalopy Championship - Hutchinson, Kansas July 26, 1959

Lined up for the first heat race




These two photos were taken just seconds apart and show the cars lined up for the first heat race.  Note the flypaper numbers stuck onto the sides of the cars.  That was done at the Nationals from 1958 through 1962.  The only drivers that have been identified in these photos to date are #99 Bob Salem of Dodge City, Kansas who is starting from the pole, #00 Charlie Pitts of Hutchinson who is lined up nearest the camera on the outside of the front row, #96 Bert Phares of Enid, Oklahoma who is linked up outside of the third row, #94 Ferrill Curtis of Timken, Kansas who is lined up outside of the fourth row, #89 Stan Haack who is lined up here as the fifth car back on the inside, and #84 Wayne Harbold of Hutchinson who can be seen in the photo above lined up as the next to the last car on the inside.  The #94 car was owned by Ferrill Curtis and Vernon Schrater who was from Great Bend, Kansas and the #84 car was owned by Wes Bartlett of Hutchinson.  If you can identify any of the other drivers in these photos, please contact Bob Lawrence.





Photographs from the Todd White collection