Automobile Races

On the Historic Half-mile Racetrack at the

Kansas State Fairgrounds

 Hutchinson, Kansas

Monday – September 21, 1931




George Barringer

Bill Barringer collection

Clyde Gilbert

Charles Pauley collection





 This racing program was canceled due to rain




Published Entry List




Red Sorenson

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Pat “Skinny” Jones

Kansas City, Missouri

C. L. Richards Special

Rea Bray*

Hutchinson, Kansas

Hill Special Frontenac #7*

Harold Moyer

“Western Nebraska”

Rajo Special

Shano Fitzgerald

Tampa, Florida

Bobcat Special

Emory Collins**

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Miller #7

Ted Tetterton***

Chicago, Illinois


Ray Hebert

Sioux City, Iowa

Kruck Special

Alto Challeons

Montreal, Canada

Franco Special

Larry Steele

Kansas City, Missouri

Bowen Special

Claude Sigler

Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Dreyer Special

Tex West

Dallas, Texas

Texas Special

George Barringer

Parsons, Kansas

Barringer Special Frontenac #21

Clyde Gilbert

Denver, Colorado


J. H. O’Brien

Wichita, Kansas

Model A

Spec Hemminger

Hastings, Nebraska

Laurel Special

Rea Bray*

Hutchinson, Kansas

Bray Special Frontenac #4*




Emory Collins

Don Radbruch collection

Ray Hebert

Wood collection

Tex West

Don Radbruch collection





*Clyde Rae Bray (1902-1941) had entered two cars in these races.  The #4 Bray Special Frontenac was owned by Bray himself while the #7 Hill Special Frontenac was owned by Russell Darius “R. D.” Hill  (1901-1984) of Arkansas City, Kansas.


**Emory Adelbert “Spunk” Collins (1904-1982)


***The Hutchinson, Kansas newspaper gave this driver’s name as George Tetterton but he was undoubtedly Ted Tetterton instead.





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