Eight Drivers Are Known to Have Lost Their Lives While Racing Hissos


Bert Karnatz in the Terry Hisso.  The notes on the photograph are in the handwriting of the photographer – Al “Ace” Blixt photo




Bert Karnatz did not survive this flip in the Terry Hisso.  That is Windy Jennings taking evasive measures in the #6 at Detroit, Michigan on July 15, 1934.  Note that the left rear tire is flat on the Terry Hisso – Al “Ace” Blixt photo




The Terry Hisso after Bert Karnatz’s fatal crash at Detroit, Michigan on July 15, 1934 – Al “Ace” Blixt photo




 Buzz Mendenhall’s Fatal Crash in the Moore Hisso at Hammond, Indiana on June 5, 1938.  Click your mouse on the photo above to see two more photos of this same crash – Wilson photo from the Larry Sullivan collection








Walter Lezotte

Allentown, PA


Sep. 23,1922

Lou Scheibell

Cedar Rapids, IA

Scheibell Special

Sep. 6, 1926

Bert Karnatz

Detroit MI

Terry Hisso

July 15, 1934

Ray Pixley

Hammond, IN

Jeter Hisso

Aug. 30, 1936

Gail Lower

Ft. Wayne, IN

Merkler Hisso

May 23, 1937

Buzz Mendenhall

Hammond, IN

Moore Hisso

June 5, 1938

Pete Alberts

Mt. Vernon, IL

Tersinor Hisso

Sep. 16, 1939

Rea Bray

Oakland, CA

Ex-Felt Hisso**

Sep. 1, 1941

            *The Ex-Wilhelm car was actually powered by a full V-8 Hispano-Suziza engine.

            **The name Hisso is loosely applied to the ex-Felt car here as it had been fitted with a six-cylinder Hispano-Suiza passenger car engine when this accident took place.




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