Forrest Coleman of Wichita, Kansas with a Ford sedan that he drove for Bob Thackery.  Thackery's garage had burned down destroying his Hudson stock car so the racing fraternity built this car in one week and presented it to Thackery.  After Coleman crashed the car at Enid, Oklahoma breaking his neck, Thackery sold the car to Charlie James who kept the #24 with Wylan Cattrell as driver.  Roy Andrews finally destroyed this car in a wreck at Hutchinson, Kansas' Mohawk Speedway - Gary Virden photo




Forrest Coleman drove this #1 coupe for Bob Thackery in 1952.  That is Al White's #24 sedan at right in the background which was driven by Will Forrest - Loretta Cox collection





Forrest Coleman with a car that he drove in 1953 - Loretta Cox collection




Ernie McCoy of Arkansas City, Kansas owned two cars #4 and #4A.† Originally, Harold Leep drove the #4A while Forrest Coleman drove the #4 although they were known to switch cars on occasion.† When Leep started traveling more driving sprint cars, Coleman moved into the #4A.† Click your mouse on the photo above to see another photo of Coleman with the #4A but with Leepís name still painted on the door Ė Both photographs from the Mike McCoy collection