The Delagrange Hisso


ABOVE:  Bill Hooper of Decatur, Illinois is shown here in the car with Clarence Delagrange of Ft. Wayne, Indiana standing beside it.  The car was the former #5 Howe Hisso from St. Louis Larry Sullivan photo

BELOW, left:  The restored Delagrange Hisso as it appears today Jeff Adams collection

BELOW, right:  The Delagrange Hisso was equipped with an unique later model E-4 Hisso cylinder block Jeff Adams collection




Bill Hooper in the #100 Delagrange Hisso Larry Sullivan photo



Bill Hooper in the #100 Delagrange Hisso in 1940 Larry Sullivan photo



Clarence Delagrange and his Hisso Minnesota Historical Society collection



Clarence Delagrange (second from left) and his Hisso Jeff Adams collection



Clarence Delagrange used this unique trailer which was a framed tent on wheels.  A tarp cover was wrapped over the framing to keep the weather off of the racer.  This photo was taken at South Bend, Indiana on July 4, 1946  Jack Biddisen collection