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Descendants of
Peter Burbee, Sr. (c1729-1778)
And Others Who Share These Surnames
by Robert Dean Lawrence









    Eight years of intense research has culminated in this 8 1/2" X 11", 500 page, quality hard cover book which has been published on acid-free paper. This is not just a directory but a factual genealogy gleaned from 914 separate and notated sources. These three surnames are commonly found interchangeably among branches of these families making it necessary to include all three in the same work. While all who are written about in this book are not necessarily related to each other, those who are have been grouped together with the others known to be related to them. Peter Burbee, Sr. was at Valley Forge with George Washington and later died while fighting for independance in the American Revolutionary War. His descendants in New England and the northwestern states either retained the surname Burbee, or changed it to Burby, while othes who moved to Kentucky and Ohio became Burbas. Approximately 2,000 of Peter's descendants and their spouses have been chronicled in this major genealogical work. As extensive as that is, only about half of the book is devoted to Peter and his descendants. More than a thousand others with these surnames and their families have been included explaining who they were and their known genealogical relationships to each other. In all, more than 13,000 names appear in the index. A limited run of only 531 copies of this book were published with each copy being individually numbered.



ISBN:  0-9617907-4-1
Number of pages:  500
Binding:  Hard Cover

Originally published:  1994
Number of names in the index:  Over 13,000

Price:  $29 U.S., including postage to

     anywhere in the U.S.
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Births and Deaths of Cowley County, Kansas
as Abstracted from the Winfield Courier and
Other Sources 1875-1969
Compiled by Robert Dean Lawrence







    This 784 page Second Edition book is available only on CD-ROM and features genealogical abstracts of 7,729 of the birth announcements and 17,903 of the obituaries published in the newspaper during the years 1875-1969. Also included are the date of the newspaper in which each of these birth announcements and obituaries appeared. Then, there are the locations of 129 cemeteries in Cowley County, Kansas along with each known name that each of these cemeteries has been known by over the years.    The bibliography contains 46 additional sources used to supplement data that appeared in the newspaper. There is a Table of Contents and an index containing 7,021 surnames. The entire book has been being included on each CD in three different formats: .doc - .rtf - .txt but beginning February 12, 2013, the file format on each CD will be PDF instead.

ISBN:  0-9617907-6-8
Format:  Compact Disk

Originally published:  1999
Price:  $50 U.S., including first class postage to anywhere in the U.S.
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The Many Generations of
Davis Dimock Cheever 1851-1920

"Lest We Forget"
By Robert Dean Lawrence






    This is a 64 page genealogy traces Davis Dimock Cheever's ancestry back through seven generations (and their siblings) in America to the eight generation, James Cheever, who resided in Nottingham, England in the late 1500s. There is also a short account of Davis' wife's Randles family ancestry. Finally, the book gives genealogical information about Davis' descendants.

ISBN:  0-9617907-0-9

Binding:  Spiral

Originally published:  1983
Price:  $5 U.S. which includes postage anywhere in the U.S.
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The Graying of my Guardian Angel
by Robert Dean Lawrence






    From time to time, I have become involved in conversations which have turned to some of the close calls with serious injury and even death that most of us have experenced in our life times. When all have taken their turns and have told their own stories, it always seems that I still have several more instances left that I could relate. More than once, listeners have marveled at the fact that I appear to have had a charmed life and have suggested that I should write a book about those experiences. This work is the result of those suggestions and contains 27 of those short stories.

ISBN:  0-9617907-3-3

Number of pages:  112
Binding:  Paperback

Originally publshed:  1991
Price:  $5.25 U.S. which includes postage to anywhere in the U.S.
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Robert Lawrence




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