Bill Curless of Arkansas City, Kansas raced at Winfield, Kansas in 1956 and 1957.  He is shown here with a couple of the cars that he drove both of which belonged to his father, Willis Curlis.  Bill was known for racing sedans but the 1939 Ford coupe, below, was Bill's first stock car.  The man at left below was Paul Borror of Arkansas City and the flagman was Lyle Baker of Wichita, Kansas.







Bill Curless with a car that he raced at the 77 Speedway at Arkansas City, Kansas. He changed his number to 62 when he started racing at Winfield and Wichita as Kenny Riffel was already using the number 55 on his car at those racetracks. Click your mouse on the photo above to see another photo of Curless with a #55 Ford sedan that he also raced at 77 Speedway.


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