Mike Van Bibber

of Albuquerque, New Mexico


Although Mike Van Bibber rode a friend’s Triumph to a fourth place finish in the second Amateur heat and fourth place in the Amateur final at Winfield, Kansas in 1969, he spent the rest of that year riding a Sonic Weld Honda 450.  It was on that bike that he won the Amateur final at Sturgis, South Dakota as shown here – Mike Van Bibber collection



Mike Van Bibber used this Harley – Davidson KR 750 to set the third quickest time in Amateur time trials at Winfield, Kansas on May 19, 1968.  He returned to Winfield on July 7th of that year and finished second in the Amateur final riding this same motorcycle – Mike Van Bibber collection



The front and back of Mike Van Bibber’s A.M.A. Novice Competition License from 1967.  Notice that he had “fudged” a little on his age as Mike was actually born in 1949.




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