Ernest Lee Ramey

1934 – 2005





     ABOVE:  Ernest Ramey of Wichita, Kansas raced this stock car at Winfield, Kansas on July 14, 1968.  In his heat race, a competitor lost a wheel and axle, both of which Ramey just managed to miss – Ron Cyr photo from the Ernest Ramey collection

     BELOW:  In another race later that day, Ramey was following the same car when it again lost the same wheel and axle.  This time, Ramey was not as lucky.  He rode over the wheel and flipped several times down the front straight away.  Ramey was uninjured in the violent crash.  Pit Steward Don Smith of Wichita, Kansas (in sunglasses) can be seen directing clean-up of the racetrack.  Click your mouse on the photo below to see another taken of Ramey’s wrecked car from another angle – Ron Cyr photo from the Ernest Ramey collection




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