“The Rebel”

Charles Omerod with one of his 1957 Ford semi-late model stock cars – Charles Omerod collection




Charles Omerod of Wichita, Kansas was both owner and driver of these cars.  He drove semi-late model, late model, and modifieds during racing career that lasted from 1966 through 1979 – Charles Omerod collection




Charles Omerod’s Ford – Charles Omerod collection




That is Charles Omerod in his #5A Ford upside down in the third turn after he was involved in a multi-car crash during the B feature at Winfield, Kansas on June 23, 1967.  Gordon Dodson’s #87 Chevy and Larry Bauerle’s #500 are both visible in the background at left.  The man in dark pants standing at the far right is Arnold Stoner but the 1957 Ford stock car whose back end is visible to Stoner’s immediate left, has not been identified – Ron Cyr photo