“The frame of the racecar that Bob Maze is seated in here is fastened directly to the rear axle housing with no sign of radius rods or springs.  There are two brake rods fastened to the rear end.  It appears the car is equipped with ‘21 Model-T wire wheels and either a 1926 or 1927 conventional front end.  The radiator appears to be from a Grant automobile” - Comments by Roy Eaton




Robert Mervin “Bob” Maze

1906 - 1978


         Bob Maze was born at Topeka, Kansas and lived there his whole life except for time spent in the U. S. Army during World War II.  A big man, he stood 6’ 3” and weighed as much as 260 pounds.  He began driving racing cars on Mid-Western dirt tracks in the 1920s including in all three racing programs run at Winfield, Kansas in 1928 where he claimed to be from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to help make it appear that the race had drawn in participants from far away.  Maze drove the #9 Scott Special in the races at Winfield, a car that belonged to the race promoter, Alfred Lloyd “Ducky” Scott (1905-1988), who was also from Topeka.  Maze had a great interest in Indy car racing and attended the Indianapolis “500” on several occasions.  Maze is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery at Hiawatha, Kansas.

Photos from the Dina Giangregorio collection