1935 - 1991




ABOVE:  Gary Beyer, of Peck, Kansas raced his own 1956 Chevrolet #14 at Winfield, Kansas.  That is Jim Grantham of Wichita, Kansas in the red 1957 Chevrolet #91 pictured beside Gary on the front straight away at Winfield Jerry Leep photo






LEFT:  Gary Beyer with the #14 sedan he drove for Bert Stoner of Clearwater, Kansas in the early 1950s Ira Woodward photo

BELOW:  In 1955, Gary Beyer drove this 1932 Ford coupe owned by Bert Stoner.  Outside the car, left to right:  Darrel Stoner, Raymond Peterson, Gary Beyer, and Arnold Stoner.  One of Bert's daughters can also be seen inside the car.  This car was later sold to Wes Cattrell.  Click your mouse on the photo below to see a picture of Wes standing beside the car
- Darrel Stoner collection







Bert Stoner







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