Gordon Leslie Dodson
1927 1988


Gordon Dodson of Wichita, Kansas raced in every race at Winfield, Kansas from 1967 through 1971.  He owned the 1957 Chevrolet stock car at left and raced it at Winfield in 1967 Bob Lawrence photo

     The photo at right was taken at Winfield in 1968.  Gordon Dodson's 1957 Chevrolet stock car can be seen on the infield in the foreground.  The cars on the racetrack in the background, have just exited the second turn onto the back straight-away Bob Lawrence collection




Larry Bauerle of Topeka, Kansas had collided his #500 in the third turn with a Ford (not pictured here) driven by Charles Omerod of Wichita, Kansas and both cars overturned.  Gordon came along and crashed into Bauerle's car while leading that B feature on June 23, 1968.  A couple of other cars became involved before the race could be stopped.  There were no injuries but the race was not restarted and Gordon was credited with a second place finish in the race behind Ernest Ramey of Wichita, Kansas who was not involved in the accident.  That is Larry Bauerle, in the white driver's uniform, walking away in the foreground at right. Click your mouse on the photograph above to see another picture of this mishap that was taken a few minutes earlier that does show Charles Omerod's Ford upside down Bob Lawrence collection




Gordon Dodson is shown here discussing the B feature of June 23, 1968 with someone just off camera to the right Bob Lawrence collection




Gordon Dodson during happier times after winning a race at 81 Speedway 81 Speedway program