This photo of Dick Walker of Arkansas City, Kansas in the Charlie-Strope-owned #71 coupe, was taken between turns one and two at the Cowley County Fairgrounds at Winfield, Kansas in 1958.  While it may appear from this photo that the racetrack crossed a railroad track, it did not.  The Missouri Pacific railroad track passed along side the racetrack about 30 feet at its closest point from the first and second turns.  There was also a narrow access road positioned between the railroad track and the racetrack - All photos on this page are from the Gary Virden collection.

Left to right:  Lyle Baker, Dick Walker, and Gene Bullard.  Walker raced this Elmer-Orton-owned Plymouth coupe at Winfield, Kansas in 1956.





Dick Walker with a 1934 Ford sedan #89 he drove in 1955.




Dick Walker drove this Elmer Orton owned Plymouth coupe off the track at “77” Speedway south of Arkansas City, Kansas.  Click your mouse on this photo to see a different photo of this same car.




Dick Walker with Elmer Orton’s Plymouth coupe at “77” Speedway south of Arkansas City, Kansas on May 5, 1956.  Click your mouse on this photo to see another of Walker with Elmer Orton's Chevrolet coupe taken on April 8, 1956.