John Russell “Johnnie” Bush, Jr.

1931 - 2016



Left to right:  Nancy Lee Hutchison, Johnnie Bush, and Ted Davis.  This photo was taken at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas on September 18, 1954.  Johnnie Bush of Wichita, Kansas found this 1932 Ford 2-door sedan on a farm east of Winfield, Kansas, paid $20 for it, and made this stock car out of it.  After racing it for awhile, he sold it to Joe Collins, of Winfield, Kansas.  Johnnie remained the driver and the car retained the #39.  Collins was the car owner when this photo was taken.  To view a picture of this car with no one standing in front of it, click your mouse on the photo above.  Collins later sold this car to Charlie Kelso of Wichita, Kansas who had it repainted as #51.  Kelso hired Jay Woodside to be crew chief and Bill Nelson to be the regular driver although Johnnie Bush did drive it one time for Kelso when Nelson was unavailable.  To see a photo of Johnnie Bush with this car the one time he raced it as #51:




Johnnie Bush also drove this "straight 8" 1932 Hudson 4-door sedan that was owned by Joe Collins.  The flagman was Ted Davis.  Click your mouse on the photograph above to see a picture of Bud Webster standing by the other side of this same car.




This photograph was taken on the infield of the Cowley County Fairgrounds racetrack at Winfield, Kansas after a day of racing there in the mid-1950s.  Carl Brown, left, is shown visiting with Bill Nelson while Johnnie Bush is in the dark shirt at right.


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