Wilford Junior "Will" Forrest


    Above, left to right:  Car builder Willard Bodkins, car owner Joe Collins, and driver Will Forrest.  Car #43 was a 1932 Hudson five window coupe with a 'straight 8' engine.  The sign on the hood reads:

                                      "We built this car with a beer in our hand

                                              And God in our heart.

                                        If you don't think it's stock

                                             Tear it apart."

     Car #43A, pictured in the back ground above, was a 1932 Hudson, 4-door sedan with a 'straight 8' engine and was also built by Willard Bodkins, owned by Joe Collins, but it was driven by Johnnie Bush.

     Willard painted small checkered flags on the roofs of these cars each time the car won a race and he painted an inverted car there each time the car was rolled over.  Click your mouse on the photograph above to see a close-up of the flags on the roof of the #43 – Willard Bodkins collection



    Left to right:  Will Forrest, Willard Bodkins, and Joe Collins with the #43 Hudson 4-door sedan in 1955.  Click your mouse on the photograph above to see a photograph of Bud Webster standing on the other side of this same car – Willard Bodkins collection




     Will Forrest with the 1932 Hudson coupe before it was painted.  The #10 Ford sedan behind Will was owned by Ted Kammerer and driven by Will's nephew, Bill Mears.

     Click your mouse on the photograph above to see a group of photographs showing the 1932 Hudson 5-window couple that became #43 and the 1932 Hudson 4-door sedan that became #43A as they were being converted into racing stock cars – Willard Bodkins collection



Will Forrest with the #24 sedan he drove for Al White of Wichita, Kansas in 1952.  Click your mouse on the picture above to see a different view this car – Ira Woodward photo



     Left to right:  Lee Nichols, Will Forrest, and Ted Davis.  This photo was taken at Cejay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas.  The car was owned by Bob Moffitt of Wichita.  Note the name “Charlie” on the door for usual driver, Charlie Lutkie – Jim Edwards photo from the Mike McCoy collection






    Will Forrest drove this Kenny Neely owned Oldsmobile stock car at Winfield in 1958.  At right, Forrest even took time to glance over at the camera during the pace lap of his heat race – Gary Virden photos




     Kenny Neely's Oldsmobile stock car burned in a pit fire at "81" Speedway, Wichita, Kansas when then driver Pete Jacobs tried to see how much gasoline was left in the tank by the light of a cigarette lighter – Pete Jacobs family collection








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