September 1, 1958


Will Forrest With Lawrence Brooks’ 1932 Hudson Sedan - Larry Brooks collection



All that is currently known about the races run at the Cowley County Fairgrounds, Winfield, Kansas on Labor Day, 1958 is that the trophy dash that day was won with this black and white 1932 Hudson sedan owned by Lawrence Brooks of Arkansas City, Kansas.  Will Forrest, above; and Orval Beckel, below; both of Wichita, Kansas, switched off driving the “8 Ball” in 1958 and it is currently unknown which was driving the car that day.  We do know that Lawrence Brooks’ son, Larry, still has the trophy that someone won at Winfield with his father’s car on this date.

          This was the last stock car race that was sponsored by the Winfield Lions club.  They sponsored a motorcycle race at Winfield the following summer before giving up race sponsorship altogether.  It would be nine years before auto racing would return to the Cowley County Fairgrounds.

          Allen Carter of Arkansas City, Kansas owned the white Ford coupe #35 in the background of the photo above.  Carter’s wrecker is visible on the other side of that car.

          If you know anything more about the races that were run at Winfield on Labor Day, 1958, please contact Bob Lawrence at:  sprintguy @




Orval Beckel With Lawrence Brooks’ 1932 Hudson Sedan

Gary Virden collection




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