Hamilton Royals


School Song:  “To the Purple and White we’ll be true, Oh, Purple and White, we’re for you…”

Hamilton Heralds – the monthly newspaper.



P.E. Class:  Those green gym suits with snap-closed tops and elastic leg openings that your mom sewed in for you.  Taking your gym suit home every Friday to wash and bring back on Monday.  Ninth grade gym ‘Leaders’ who wore white shorts and shirts, took roll, and counted towels.


People Movers:  Traffic control:  One-way staircases – South staircase-Up only / North staircase-Down only.  Walking around to your right of the hall proctor as you exited a classroom – or being ordered to ‘go back’ and do it correctly.  Then, being a ninth grade hall proctor and wearing your purple “Proctor” button every day – and leaving class three minutes early to get to your position.  And keeping your winter coat with you all day if your post was near an outside door.


Special Events:  Dress-Up Days – wearing your best party clothes to school.

        Ninth Grade Recognition Day  - “England Swings” – our Ninth Grade Party.


Food:  Putting a couple of coins in the upper right corner of your tray in the lunch line to pay for your lunch.  The new student lounge where you could hang out after lunch – the walls freshly painted a beautiful color of purple!  Rumor was that the only soda pop in the building was in the teachers’ lounge, and our new vending machines only dispensed fruit and sunflower seeds!


Extracurricular Activities:  Friday night Sock Hops in the gym.  Sometimes a live band, The Bishops, would play.

After-school basketball games.  New cheerleaders and Pep Club – girls in white sweaters with a purple “H” on the front, replacing the previous purple sweatshirt as the uniform.


Random Thoughts:

Morning assemblies in the gym.


Student Council campaign speeches and elections.


Learning to type on an antique, upright, manual typewriter.


Walking outside to a class in an ‘annex.’