Charles Lee “Chuck” Jones

October 4, 1953 - Cejay Stadium - Wichita, Kansas


Chuck Jones can be seen here being ejected from a car as it overturns in front of the grandstands.  According to one newspaper account, Jones was thrown 92 feet from where the car came to rest and suffered a broken hip.  The car was white over black in color and was owned by Elmer Jones who was not related to Chuck– Tom Kelso photo from the Loretta Cox collection




Jones had already been ejected when this photo of his tumbling car was taken from the grandstands.  Note that photographer Tom Kelso, who took the two photos above and below here, can be seen taking those photos at the edge of the infield – Lies collection




Pit personnel survey the empty car of Chuck Jones’s after it came to rest partially on top of the crash wall in front of the grandstands.  The right rear wheel was hooked over the fence above the crashwall – Tom Kelso photo from the Lies collection