#1 Glover Hisso

Dick Glover is shown here in the #1 Glover Hisso that he built in 1931.  He later sold the car to Ed Davis who raced it as the #1 Davis Hisso.  Davis then sold it to Overton Snell who ran it as the #35 Snell Hisso.  Glover had a welding shop in Benton, IL and built many race cars over the years.  He continued as a car owner up into the 1950's with his famous #6 Glover Ranger driven by Al Kern and Don Branson.  The #6 Glover Ranger was restored in the 1970s but was lost in a fire at a grain elevator where it was being stored Glover family collection



The #1 Glover Hisso from the rear Glover family collection