John Tersinor

1905 – 1982


And The First Tersinor Hisso


 Photo from the Tersinor collection



John Tersinor in his First Hisso Powered Racing Car - Tersinor collection


Were Johnny Tersinor and Johnny Rogers the Same Person?

“I have found many clippings from Ramona Park in St. Louis from 1934 that have Johnny Rogers as being the winner, but none mention car or engine type.  (Tersinor’s) good friend, Jimmy Rogers, helped with his racing so maybe (Tersinor) took (Rogers’) last name.  I know (Tersinor) was running the #7 Fronty for Ed Davis in IMCA in 1934 so maybe he had to change his name so that IMCA didn't know that he was racing at Ramona which had been known to be run by gangsters.  His family still has a trophy from Ramona and it is engraved with ‘Johnny Tersinor’ but no year so one can only guess.  The only results I have found of Johnny Rogers (are) at Ramona yet the trophy has ‘Tersinor’ engraved on it, not ‘Rogers’.  He either ran there under both names or the two are not the same person.” – Jeff Adams



 Photo from the Tersinor collection




 Photo from the Alberts collection