#8 Ambler Hisso


ABOVE:  Vern Orenduff with the Ambler Hisso in 1935.  Note that the Ambler brothers were utilizing the left bank of the Hisso V8 here as opposed to the right bank in the other two photos.  Could the Hisso crankcase casting the Ambler brothers made be used with either cylinder bank? – Jeff Adams collection


LEFT:  Vern Orenduff in the Ambler Hisso, possibly at Toledo, Ohio.  Note the major changes made to the car between when each of the photos on this web page were taken – Johnny Stewart photo


BELOW:  This is the same car as above but from an earlier time.  Note the cast aluminum exhaust manifold and the unusual tank mounted on the front.  Click your mouse on the photo below to see a current photo of the Hisso engine from this car now in “Speedy” Bill Smith’s collection – Harold Osmer collection from the book Dirt Track Auto Racing 1919-1941, A Pictorial History by Don Radbruch




Vern Orenduff is shown here in the #8 Ambler Hisso.  This car, along with the #10 Ambler Hisso driven by Ken Fowler (visible in the background of this photo), was built in Ambler’s shop during the winter of 1934-35 with the body work being done by master craftsman Jack Cobb.  The Cobb built bodies stand out against other Ambler cars which were comparatively crude.  Orenduff headed the construction project and, with Fowler's help, they tuned the Hissos to perfection – Jeff Adams collection