Rea Bray’s Ex-Felt Hisso




Rea Bray, standing at left, purchased this #35 big car complete with a 358 cubic inch four-cylinder Hisso engine, from the estate of Roy Lake who owned it at the time of his death while driving another car in a race at Allentown, Pennsylvania in 1938.  Lake had purchased this car from Vic Felt of Denver, Colorado.  After blowing the four-cylinder Hisso eingine, Bray replaced it with a heavier 272 cubic inch overhead valve six-cylinder Hispano-Suiza passenger car engine.  Click your mouse on the photo at left to see a better photograph of this engine in the car.

Chalmers Davies photos from the Don Radbruch collection


This photo of Rae Bray in his overheated Ex-Felt Hisso was taken at Oakland Speedway, Oakland, California at the spring race in 1941.  Bray was fatally injured when he crashed this car at this same speedway on Labor Day of that year – Don Radbruch photo from the Erwin Eszlinger collection