Ralph Liguori


Ralph Liguori of Tampa, Florida in Frank Curtis’ #12 Rosemont Special at a Triple A sprint car race at Williams Grove Speedway at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania on April 7, 1957.  He set the quickest time of the day in time trials with a lap of 25.47 seconds, then finished fifth in the second heat race, sixth in the third heat race, third in the consolation race, and tenth in the feature event – Dave Knox photo from the Bill Green collection



This photo appears to be of Ralph Liguori in the #12 Rosemont Special.  It was at a Triple A race at Reading, Pennsylvania on March 31, 1957 although the Rosemont Special does not appear on the list of entries for that particular race.  Dave Knox labeled the photo as having been taken at Reading on that date and Liguori did drive the car for two consecutive weeks.  It is possible that he did not take an officially timed lap on this date however – Dave Knox photo from the Bill Green collection





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