Hiram Allen“ Hi” Mesel

1928 - 1996


Claire Miller, left, with his brother-in-law, Hi Mesel, right; co-owned this hot rod which was driven by Mesel at CeJay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas in 1948 - Jim Edwards photo 


Hi Mesel is shown seated in car #94 at left.  The man standing between the cars is Lewis A. Brunhoeber.  The driver seated in the #96 is unidentified.  Mesel’s brother-in-law, Claire Miller, is standing at right.  These cars were co-owned by Mesel and Miller with Mesel driving each of them from time to time.

This photo was taken in the infield at CeJay Stadium in Wichita, Kansas.  Can anyone identify the driver seated in the #96 car?  If you can, please contact Bob Lawrence - Jim Edwards photo from the Diane Varnell collection