Frank Lies of Wichita, Kansas drove the #55 Ford couple belonging to Kenny Riffel of Herington, Kansas to victory in the first ever National Jalopy Championship that was run at Taft Stadium in Oklahoma City in October of 1957.

Charlie Hiner also of Wichita, drove the #35 Oldsmobile powered Ford coupe belonging to Allen Carter of Arkansas City, Kansas to first place in the simi-feature event that day.  Click your mouse on the photo above to see a better photo of Hiner and Carter with the #35 car.

Pictured here with the winning cars are, left to right:  Charlie Hiner, Allen Carter, Frank Lies, and Kenny Riffel.

The national jalopy championship races were televised locally in Oklahoma City that year.  If anyone knows of a copy of that TV program, please contact Bob Lawrence Mike McCoy collection