This photo of Bob Lawrence in the Jack-Dizmang-owned #76 Chevy was taken at 81 Speedway as cars were lined up for a race in April of 1971.  The car partly visible at the rear of the #76 is the #50 Chevy then owned and driven by Bob Nordstedt of Wichita.   That car is the same Chevy that Lawrence owned and drove as #76 in 1969 and 1970 before he sold it to Nordstedt.  Nordstedt repainted it white over red with white numbers and red lettering trimed in yellow.  He drove it for a few weeks before getting Ross VanCuren of Wichita to drive it for him.  The car partly visible at right is the #188 owned and driven by Dennis Narron of Hutchinson, Kansas Bob Lawrence collection



They had not gotten Bob Lawrence out of the car yet when this picture was taken on May 1, 1971.  Notice how deep the front of the car had dug into the dirt embankment.  That is Alvin Wray standing closest to the camera Bob Lawrence collection



This picture was taken after they had dug the car out of the embankment.  That is racetrack technical director Charlie Lee in white leaning in the window and car owner Jack Dizmang can be seen standing with his back to the camera at far left.  Click your mouse on this picture to see another view of this wreck taken from a different angle Bob Lawrence collection