#1 Tersinor Hisso


John Tersinor behind the wheel of his new Tersinor Hisso in 1935.  One of his memorable drives in this was at Belleville, Kansas that same year when he started last and he rode the outside rim of the 16-foot banking to pass every car in the field Tersinor collection




Left to right:  Neighborhood youngster and helper John Simko, Jimmy Rogers, and John Tersinor Tersinor collection




#1 John Tersinor on the pole at Jungle Park Speedway north of Rockville, Indiana in 1935.  On this day (September 22, 1935) before 4,500 fans, Tersinor set quick time of 25.7 and lapped the entire field several times in the 100-lap feature before running off the north west embankment in heavy dust Ed Hitze collection